People craft– getting along with yourself

When we volunteer our talents and time, we give to ourselves as well.  Whenever our grown kids are home, they join us, making community service a family affair.  Daughters Marla and Janice feel joy when supporting homeless people at a homeless shelter, the Isaiah House in Santa Ana, California.  Mostly we prepare and serve dinner.  Homeless families (with very hungry kids) and others stand in a long line.  At the service station we talk with them while helping them load plates of beans, chicken, rice, rolls, butter, and salad.  Children (and nursing or pregnant women) are served milk, and adults are served fruit punch. My husband writes a check to the Isaiah House whenever we volunteer and feels grateful for the emotional benefit of helping others.  Our daughters always say something like, “these people could be any people,” or “shelter families try to be happy regardless of their difficulties.”   

5 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Mary Alice, it’s been fun for us to volunteer with our kids. This allows us to show them our altruistic side. Meaningful involvement brings us together. My son Johnny (an RN in Dana Point) does beach cleanup whenever possible with D’mitri and Roxy (my grandchildren).

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