Make handicrafts– for fun

Besides turkey as your Thanksgiving’s center of attention, what delights you as a centerpiece for your table?  Usually I buy a fresh flower arrangement such as this one

, but this year I want to get my grandchildren involved in putting something together before dinner.   I’ve been looking over the newest suggestions.  Although fall covers are used, a pinecone display with fabric leaves in a square box feels Christmasy, and the white paint with dark red splattered pumkins is Halloweenish.  After considering a stand-up circle of Indian corn around a hurricane vase, I’m leaning toward the traditional cornucopia because it is low enough for everyone to see over it.  Also, this official mascot of Thanksgiving symbolizes of abundance and sharing.   You’ll need a large horn basket, brown raffia-style straw, 2 yards of fall colored ribbon (red, orange, yellow or brown), and an assortment of gourds, dried flowers and Indian corn.
1. Tie your ribbon around the widest part of the horn (closest to the opening) and make a large bow at the top. You might have to interweave the ribbon with the basket to keep it in place.
2. Create a good-sized “nest” at the bottom of the cornucopia basket using the straw.
3. Arrange your gourds, pumpkins and corn so it appears to be overflowing out of the cornucopia.
4. Once you’ve put the cornucopia in its final decor location, arrange a few more gourds on the table around the horn so it looks as though a few have toppled out and are littered around the basket.


14 thoughts on “Make handicrafts– for fun

  1. Friends, we had a family setback yesterday. Our daughter who lives in Boston had been going with this wonderful guy. My husband and I met him when we visited in early October. We were so impressed that when M. asked if he could visit with her at Thanksgiving, we said absolutely! My husband bought two airline tickets. Anyway she phoned and told me they were over. She’s relieved she said because although he’s the perfect guy, she isn’t attracted and didn’t want to be with him anymore.

  2. You are so right, Mary Alice. How could she have dumped the most wonderful guy she’s ever dated– kind, handsome, fun, and industrious. Just out of college (graduated from Northeastern in Boston) he landed a terrific job.

  3. Come to think of it, yes. Reba, a certain rat dragged her broken heart around for a year before moving to Boston to get her masters. Just after she received it (in May) she met Jonathan through mutual friends.

  4. Mary Alice, it was a non-refundable. Jonathan is such an upstanding guy that he offered to pay Gerry half since he’s not using it. If Jonathan had been the one to break up, we would have accepted that, but he wasn’t that guy. So, Gerry is eating the expense.

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