Eat– for Good Health

After Japanese scientists believed they’d discovered that probiotics block belly fat, probiotic suppliments flooded the market.  Friends, don’t bother with the suppliments.  The Japanese study verified past research that two types of probiotics (live with active cultures) occur naturally in yogurt.  These two strains of good bacteria have long been known to be beneficial to your overall health.  All yogurt is probiotic.  The Japanese tests reiterate that:  1). Probiotics reduce the production of insulin, a hormone strongly linked to belly fat.  Good bacteria has been shown to sooth the type of microscopic cellular inflammation caused by excess sugar in our diets. Don’t buy yogurt with added corn syrup and sugar.  2).  A landmark study found that bad bacteria causes up to absorb more calories from food.  For instance if two people both eat a 100-calorie snack, one person might extract 90 of those calories while the other person might only extract 60 according to Emory University researcher Andrew Gewirtz, Ph. D.  3).  Sugar-free yogurt tames hunger.  When animals eat chow loaded with probiotics, they naturally eat less, reveals Dr. Gewirtz.  Reason? Good bacteria improve blood-sugar control which reduces hunger. 4). Beat bloating caused by bad bacteria that causes gas and fluid retention.  Who needs a tight waist-band?  Lately, my afternoon snack has been 1 cup of no-sugar added, fat free yogurt with 1/2 cup berries and chopped, fresh orange segments.  Or, if you want to bring healthy flavored and sugar-free yogurt to work, consider Dannon Activa Light or Voskos Plain Nonfat which don’t contain corn syrup.

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8 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Dannon has settled a massive consumer class action alleging that ads for certain brands of its yogurt overstate their claimed health benefits. The settlement? Dannon has to shell out $35 million to consumers who claimed to have been harmed!

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