Eat– for Good Health

You may have noticed we have new fruit and vegetable options– mangosteen is an exotic fruit making its way here to the U.S. although it happened to be Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit!   Mangosteen  Here’s how to open it. Fold your hands in front of you with your fingers interlocked. Now pick up a Mangosteen, stem up, between the heels of your hands, not the palms. Gently but firmly begin squeezing until the thick peel suddenly splits in half. Your reward will be several delicate, deliciously sweet sections of white fruit that will melt in your mouth.  A few larger segments will have a single seed; the smaller ones, none at all. And if you want to know how many segments are inside before you open it, turn the Mangosteen over and count the petals on the small, raised flower design. Many chefs are setting aside meat cleavers for garden gloves while they focus on plant based dishes.  Mario Batali is a booster with his Meatless Mondays.  At Eataly, his new megastore, there’s a “vegetable butcher” who preps produce and advises customers on how to prepare mean veggie dishes such as swiss chard!


19 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Mary Alice, as your family did the weekend before, we had a photo appointment at church for the new church directory. That was at 5:30 Friday, and we took advantage of the photographer’s offer to invite other family members. So, my son, daughter-in-law, and D’mitri and Roxy had their photos taken as well. Afterward I served dinner at our house, and then we had a sleepover.

  2. Janessa, I made Beef Bourguignon, and the main ingredients are sirloin with Burgundy wine. After preparing it, I put it in the crock pot. It was really good with salad, and crusty French bread. Son Johnny and Jan then went out for a nice evening, and the kids stayed over. The next day Gerry and I bought breakfast at McDonalds and took them to a big park for a couple of hours. It worked out very well.

  3. Getting grandchildren outside where they can engage in free play is the key for my happiness as a grandmother. There, they can do whatever they want! The kids wanted to stay longer but we were tired by early afternoon. I’m my better self with them when I’m not exhausted.

  4. Something I need to keep in mind is that my grandchildren are at their real ages, developmentally speaking, even though they are very tall. Roxy is only four, and I have to remember that four-year-olds put their hands on food. For instance she sticks her fingers in ice-cream cake before it’s served, or she handles all the cookies on a plate.

  5. Janessa, I tried to make a game out of how to take cookies from a plate, saying, “Here’s a plate of cookies.” I passed out napkins. “If you want a cookie, please take one and put it on a napkin.”

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