Make handicrafts– for fun

Filling your home with Thanksgiving Joy is easy because Mother Nature provides free supplies.  A few days ago I collected cat tails, branches with colored leaves, and sprigs of autumn-toned flowers. Color experts say that warm berry and russet colors help us feel more grounded and promote feelings of tranquility.  Today I’m making our ordinary dining room special and will write each guest’s name on a leaf with a permanent marker.

On the subject of autumn colors, our daughters plan to pick up the dog below in an hour– a Lakeland Terrier. 


6 thoughts on “Make handicrafts– for fun

  1. Daughters Janice and Marla are going to the animal shelter to bring home a Cairn Terrier mixed-breed dog today. They spent last evening talking my husband into it. Of course I’m going because I’m the check-writer.

  2. Yes, yes, please come over, Mary Alice. You too, Janessa, and whoever else from your house wants to meet the girls’ new dog. Of course Janice is going to be at Chico State for the next few years, and Marla lives in Boston, ha ha. Guess we’re getting an early Christmas present.

  3. Friends, I stand corrected. Daughter Janice informs me the dog is a Lakeland Terrier, probably a mix. I just hope this dog is still available. It was yesterday but my husband had not been badgered by them yet!!

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