People appreciation

Reporter for the L.A. Times Mike Boehm tells us that tagger Rick Ordonez who spray paints cat portraits gets his own forum at Mid-City Arts.  This is a street-art gallery attached to a spray paoint supply store! Manager of City-Arts, Medvin Sobio says he was able to tract down Rick Ordonez to plan this show which will run through January 30th.  Sobio asked Ordonez, “Why cats?” and Ordonez answered, “I love cats.”

Graffiti art

Mid-City Arts, the street-art gallery attached to a spray paint supply store that brought us last year’s big tagger-gone-legit debut show by Chaka, has gone the same route with another artist who grabbed the public’s attention before being grabbed by the authorities. The show is “Rick Ordonez: Kitty Litter.”  Ordonez made his name in graffiti circles as Atlas — the tag he used for many years festooning the city with large, ornate graphic illustrations. But early this year, his method changed, and he began spraying renditions of cute cartoon kitties across the L.A. landscape.  The long arm of the law intervened in July, when investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Transit Services Bureau caught up with Ordonez, 33, and busted him for creating cats on public property, especially on or near the Pasadena Freeway. Charged with six counts of felony vandalism and facing a possible year in prison on each count, he pleaded guilty to one charge in a deal that called for 90 days in county jail, followed by 300 hours of community service and three years’ probation.


4 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. Reba Studebaker

    Exactly– taggers can be great graphic artists. I like to see their work where it doesn’t feel angry and malicious. The territory to be adorned should be mapped out for the purpose.

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