Make handicrafts– for fun

This holiday season, we are hosting our neighborhood pot-luck block party.  It’s esy to decorate your home for the holidays without spending a bundle. I wanted to highlight the dessert table and decided to make this chandelier:

Candy Cane Wreath IMG 260 

Won’t this hanging double wreath with red and white candy canes with ivy be charming over a large round table?

  • 12-inch wire floral ring (crimped, straight, or double; available at craft and floral stores)
  • 8-inch wire floral ring (crimped, straight, or double)
  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Small piece of thin wire
  • Three 1-yard lengths of 5/8-inch-wide red grosgrain ribbon
  • Candy canes

  1. Wrap ivy garland around both wire rings. Trim away any excess garland with wire cutters or scissors. If necessary, secure the ivy with thin wire.
  2. Tie one end of each ribbon to the 12-inch ring, spacing the ribbons evenly around the circle at one-third intervals.
  3. Now tie them to the 8-inch ring, also at one-third intervals, leaving 8 inches of ribbon between the rings.
  4. Tie the three ribbons in a single knot at the top. Hang the wreath from this knot and hook candy canes over the ivy-covered rings.

18 thoughts on “Make handicrafts– for fun

  1. Here is the wording for our block party invitation:

    Tis the Season for the

    15 Soaring Hawk, The Rowland Maison
    Saturday, December 11th, 6 – 8:30 p.m.
    (After party? Volunteer that night!)
    If your house number is between:
    #1 – 15, please bring an appetizer or salad
    # 26 – 35, please bring a main dish
    # 16-25, please bring dessert
    Items provided at #15:
    All paper/plastic products, punch made with diet 7-up, lite cranberry juice, & sherbet, water bottles, assorted herb teas, or feel free to B.Y.O.B.
    Have other commitments? Just stop over when you can!
    It will be great meeting new neighbors and also catching up.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, your invitation was on our door this morning– loved the blue and white snowflake paper, the white ribbon and miniature white bulb! Looking forward to it, as always.

  3. Janessa Breckenridge

    Thank you for coordinating. I like the casualness, that people can just stop by if they have office party committments.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey Janessa and Mary Alice, I’m having such fun organizing it this year. On our street we have three new families, and I hope all of them can at least stop over.

  5. Kathleen Rowland

    Reba, I think Kendra will come. For those of you out there, Kendra’s husband Jim has been out of work and desperately, so that they can pay their mortgage, took a temporary consulting job in Chicago. Jim couldn’t make it back for Thanksgiving, and Kendra was just home with their dog, Beau. I invited her over, but she didn’t want to come. I understand that. Sometimes a person alone is embarrassed somehow. Kendra’s son Drew (in the Navy) will be home before Christmas. And, I’m sure Jim will make it.

  6. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kendra isn’t as sad as she sometimes appears. She is a very serious, organized person. Actually she comes from a Navy family. I know her dad was a Navy man. She’s the rock, and Jim is, well, jumping off tables and breaking his leg.

  7. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Yes, and Kendra wasn’t too happy about it. Guess she anticipated what might happen– after Jim was on disability, he was laid off.

  8. Kathleen Rowland

    Becky, about half show up. It’s a busy time of year. The families who come have a terrific time. You may have noticed that I didn’t put down the RSVP. You live in L.A. and know that Californians are not good about planning. This used to frustrate me, no end, when we moved here fifteen years ago. In the Midwest and East Coast, people call the hostess IMMEDIATELY after receiving an invitation and COMMIT one way of another. Here in Cali, people (if they see you) thank you for the invite but that’s it. This is a cultural difference.

  9. Reba Studebaker

    Not that you mention that, I can recognize the culturaly difference when it comes to social plans. We have to be in the mood to do something that day.

  10. Kathleen Rowland

    Reiko is coming, she said yesterday. Her son plays tennis with George and Gail’s granddaughter who may also come. Her daughter Mia, a kindergartener, knows the little kids across the street, Clark and Catherine. They are also a new family.

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