People craft– getting along with yourself

Have you thought of a New Years Resolution? 

new direction by emortalityScientists say it takes 21 consecutive days for a new resolution to become a habit.  Other researchers say 30% of us give up after seven days.  If you have a fresh direction you’d like to take, there are ways to keep going.  Here’s how: 

1) Keep them to yourself.  We think that if we tell people, they will help us.  Current research reveals the opposite is true.  Talking about goals makes us less likely to achieve them according to Derek Sivers.  “The simple act of talking about what we intend to do activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as really completing the task.  This gives us a sense of closure.”  It’s better to have completed a task and then say it.

2).  Focus on one goal at a time.  Science confirms we only have a limited amount of willpower.  Don’t quit smoking and diet at the same time. Richard Wiseman, PhD, warns that this will set us up for failure.  Tackle one thing at a time and break it into little steps.

3). Say a prayer.  Connecting to our spiritual side helps us keep resoltions by giving us a greater sense of self control.  Researchers link prayer to higher self-esteem and healthier habits, factors that help us achieve our goals.  Ask for guidance and strength before going to bed.  If not religious, simply sit quietly and picture positive results. 

4) Accept setbacks.  The average person slips up 14 times before succeeding.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Let mistakes help you learn.


2 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Absolutely, Mary Alice. Jotting your resolution down on paper helps us according to research. It’s good to keep a log or diary. This makes us mindful and helps the brain consider it a high priority.

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