People craft– getting along

A few days ago a neighborhood friend and I decided to get a telephone list together for our street.  I wasn’t sure how this idea would be received, but after distributing the flyer below, we were met with enthusiasm.  In case you’d like to do this on your street, I thought I’d share our flyer with you.  We stapled a tea bag in a corner with a yarn ribbon (cozy, huh) and tied them to front door knobs.


Dear Friends,

            Have you ever wished you had a neighbor’s phone number so that you could call them, maybe tell them their escaped dog is in your backyard?  What if you forgot someone’s name and want to say hello? What if something fishy is going on, like a computer is being loaded out their back window? We’d call 911 but would want to leave a message with our neighbor. 

            Our compiled list is intended only for residents on our street. Backed up by research, closely knit neighborhoods are safer because people take action, but they are also more fun.

            If you would like to be listed and receive a directory, please email either of us in the following format:

                        Your house number

                        Your names

                        Children (ages optional)

                        Phone number(s)

                        Email addresses (optional)

            If you email us, we’ll make fewer mistakes!  Thank you. 

(We listed our names, email addresses, and phone numbers.)

Doesn’t feeling connected with neighbors a good thing?  What are other ways to brighten January?  

5 thoughts on “People craft– getting along

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    You are an early riser, Kathleen. The flyer was on our doorknob when I left for work. This will be great. As for other ideas to boost happiness, I like to hum. Can’t do it at the office, though!

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Glad you approve, Janessa and Mary Alice. I agree with your take on humming, Mary Alice. Humming, singing, or whistling delivers an instant dose of relaxation. Here’s why– the sound freqency patterns created trigger positive changes in alpha brain waves that induce feelings of calm.

  3. Reba Studebaker

    Looking forward to the telephone directory, Kathleen. A way I boost relaxation is lighting a candle, making a wish, and blowing it out. It doesn’t have to be my birthday either. It’s very effective, but I have no idea why.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Reba, it works because it’s wishful thinking put into action. Try a lavender candle for a bigger benefit– the scent of lavender is a proven relaxation booster.

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