Eat– for Good Health

Cut your risk of colon cancer.  More than 75 million Americans are taking steps to shield themselves against it, and that’s smart because the disease is one of the top cancers in the nation for both men and women.  Fight fatigue during an afternoon slump with sunflower seeds.  Forget the energy bar which is loaded with sugar and stimulates abnormal colon cells to grow.  Instead, munch on magnesium-rich sunflower seeds.  A half cup serving contains 150 mgs of magnesium, almost 40% of RDA.  Magnesium is tissue healing and cuts your risk for colon cancer by 34% and risk for rectal cancer by 55%.

Raw Sunflower Seeds Nutrition Facts
Sunflower seeds are immensely rich in unsaturated fat (about 90%). This may help keep the level of ‘good cholesterol’ high in the body, thereby countering the ill-effects on ‘bad cholesterol’. These seeds are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and poly and monounsaturated fats.
Drink coffee instead of soda. Doctors havve been lambasting soda lately for good reason.  It doesn’t improve your health one bit.  Compare that to coffee– drinking two to three cups daily can slash your risk of colorectal cancer by 30% thanks to the brew’s stores of chlorogenic and caffeic acids.  These are powerful antioxidants that soak up abnormal cells and stop their growth before they become cancerous, says Peter Martin, MD, professor of pharmacology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  Tea delivers the same good effect.
a good stiff cup of coffee... by just call me Mr Lucky
Lunching on tuna in place of deli meat lowers risk.  Processed meats have been linked to a higher risk of colon cancer.  Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential fats that block the production of cancer-causing chemicals in the digestive tract.  Chunk light is healthier than white tuna because the tuna are smaller and have absorbed less chemicals.
Tuna by cαιтℓιη♥♫♬♪


Another way is to breakfast on fiber-rich cereal.  When you pump your intake of insoluable fiber, you cut your colon-cancer risk by 30%.  Top picks are Kellogg’s All-Bran with extra fiber or Kellogg’s Bran Buds.  Fiber binds to bile acids, chemicals that irritate and damage the delicate intestinal lining.

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  1. Friends, if you have a family history of inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer, you can ask your doctor about early screening. In any case, we can take preventative measures by eating healthfully.

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