Eat– for Good Health

Apple-shaped persons with ten to twenty pounds to lose have muffin-tops.  It’s quite possible that the pretty woman below doesn’t realized she’s gained a muffin top.  Last year this short jeans skirt may have fit just fine.  We all know what free-rein holiday mood munching does to us!   While losing belly fat, high-waisted jeans are best with an untucked in top that extends over the waistline.  Do the one-finger test when selecting jeans because super tight at the waist makes a muffin top bulge more.  If you are buying full length jeans, a flared hem or boot-cut style balances out proportions.   To help lose weight, crank up the fiber and vegetable intake while you stay on a low calorie eating plan.  Lots of water, clear soups with parsley, and green tea help release fluids.  Cut down on salt– it lurks in all prepared foods.  Spread out your calorie consumption.  Friends, getting rid of the fat comes before sculpting your waist and abs, but exercise at the same time with basic crunches, push ups, and your favorite cardio (brisk walking/swimming/cycling).

You have two kinds of beauty. There’s the kind you wear on the outside. You’re so much prettier than you think. There’s the kind on the inside, your unique blend of strengths, passions, kindness, and talents that make you who you are. Abounding health is something else, and as you become thin on the Gold Standard Plan, you will have that, too

Gold Standard of Thin

Gold Standard of Thin

3 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Friends, here’s the trick for eating carbs and losing weight: consume whole-grain carbs such as quinoa and whole-grain bread to name just two. Refined ones such as white bread, potato chips, and packaged sweets trigger a spike in insulin that leads to belly fat. Have carbs in the morning– you don’t need an energy boost at night.

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