Places– of Charm

Iranian Nazanin Pouyandeah’s “Le Vent Mauvaid” (The Ill Wind) is a painting about abuse of power.  As L.A. writer Sharon Mizota shares in her commentary, political art from the Middle East couldn’t be more timely.  Similar works are on display at the Morono Kiang Gallery, 218 W. 3rd St in L.A. Note the crowned figure sitting on top of a pile of garbage.


4 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Iran has had a sorted past. Other works at the gallery use art as their mode to expose dissent. Interesting that writer Sharon Mizota adds in her article, it will be interesting to see if stealthy leaders fall.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Some mighty forces are being unleashed. They are bucking up against traditional ways– in Pouyandeh’s painting, the king is wearing ancient Persian clothing, but he’s holding a sling-shot.

  3. Melinda Meyer

    Women of most Middle Eastern countries are unhappy also. Some are not quiet about it anymore, but it’s risky for them to speak out.

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