People craft– getting along with yourself

Today I participated in a community food drive for Families Forward.  Isn’t it true, when we help out in some way, we are emotional winners.   The photo below is from the Families Forward website.  Volunteers stand outside supermarkets and ask shoppings if they’d like to buy an item for hungry families.  The most needed items are canned fruit (low sugar preferred), boxed fruit juices, peanut butter, jam, honey, spaghetti sauce, canned tomato products, chili, stew, canned soups and chowders, plain rice and rice mixes, crackers, healthy snacks, canned beef, tuna, chicken, cereal, canned vegetables, baked beans, dried potatoes, dried milk, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, baby food, baby formula, and diapers. 

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4 of 5 homeless families achieve self-sufficiency.



9 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Melinda Meyer

    Families Forward is a wonderful organization. I know they work to keep families on the edge from becoming homeless. They offer counciling, too.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Melinda, I agree that counciling is so helpful for struggling families. Most homeless families go unseen. They live in their cars, on couches and floors of friend’s houses, and in other temporary shelters. They are desperately struggling to maintain some kind of stability for their children.

  3. Janessa Breckenridge

    The Families Forward councilors provide renewed self-confidence and the tools they need to succeed in life.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Not that there aren’t other wonderful and caring groups doing similar work, but last year, Families Forward assisted over 7,000 individuals through housing, counseling, food, referrals, school supplies, career coaching, and other services. Pretty impressive.

  5. Niesha Winter

    Hello everybody– my two girls and I couldn’t have made it without Families Forward last year. After moving here from Nevada, I lost my job. Yikes, those were tough times.

  6. Niesha Winter

    Kathleen, we qualified for transitional housing since my children are minors, and we faced a crisis that left us homeless. The transitional homes are spread throughout neighborhoods to protect families’ privacy and preserve their dignity, which was especially important for my school-age children.

  7. Niesha Winter

    True! I am working full time now and was able to get into a nice apartment. Needless to say, I am deeply grateful for Families Forward.

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