Eat– for Good Health

After drinking milk, do you feel bloated or achy?  Milk triggers energy slumps in many of us because it’s loaded with two tough-to-digest compounds: casein, a protein, an lactose, milk sugar.  The good news?  Having to pass on milk doesn’t mean you have to go dairy-free.  Yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream and hard cheeses such as cheddar and swiss are made with fermented milk.  Fermentation breaks down casein and lactose, making both more digestible. Click to viewI’d like to mention, despite soy’s healthy reputation, it can cause food sensitivities.  “Poorly digested soy protein can cause cellular inflammation which affects the immune system, thyroid and more,” writes Ellen W. Cutler D.C., author of Live Free from Asthma and Allergies.   

Something to help her diet– Jenny (below) switched from devouring a heavy afternoon candtbar from the office vending machine to yogurt and blueberries.  Blueberries contain pigments responsible for their color and also reduce fat storing and activate genes that regulate belly-fat burn!  Congrats to Jenny!

Jennifer Weight Loss Testimonial 


10 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Friends, I buy plain yogurt because most flavored varieties contain high-fructose corn syrup. HFCS disrupts digestion, resulting in overloads that fuel the growth of bad intestinal bacteria and spike blood sugar. To plain fat-free yogurt, I add fresh fruit and a package of Splenda which doesn’t contain aspartame (causes headaches in a small segment of the population). NutraSweet, Equal and Spoonful contain aspartame according to David Buchholz, M.D., neurologist at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University.

  2. Jill Martin, M.D.

    Kathleen, something I advise parents in my pediatric practice– The live active cultures create lactase, the enzyme lactose-intolerant people lack, and another enzyme contained in some yogurts (beta-galactosidase) also helps improve lactose absorption in lactase-deficient persons. Bacterial enzymes created by the culturing process, partially digest the milk protein casein, making it easier to absorb and less allergenic.

  3. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    So true about digestion. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium which is a mineral that contributes to colon health and decreases the risk of colon cancer. Calcium discourages excess growth of the cells lining the colon, which can place a person at high risk for colon cancer.

  4. Jill Martin, M.D.

    Mary Alice, absolutely true. Calcium binds cancer-producing bile acids and keeps them from irritating the colon wall. People that have diets high in calcium (e.g. Scandinavian countries) have lower rates of colorectal cancer.

  5. Reba Studebaker

    Honestly, I think eating yogurt makes me feel better. I enjoy it in the morning with oatmeal. I know I catch fewer colds.

  6. Kathleen Rowland

    Reba, no doubt! Yogurt is known to boost immunity. Researchers who studied 68 people who ate two cups of live-culture yogurt daily for three months found that these persons produced higher levels of immunity boosting interferon.

  7. Jill Martin, M.D.

    Reba, the bacterial cultures in yogurt stimulate infection-fighting white cells in the bloodstream. Some studies have shown yogurt cultures to contain a factor that has anti-tumor effects.

  8. Kathleen Rowland

    Friends, watch out for this nutri-myth– the yogurt used to coat nibble foods such as raisins, nuts, and fruit bits is often so highly sugared that you’re really eating more sugar than yogurt.

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