People craft– taking care of ourselves

My apologies, my life isn’t a train wreck exactly, but my husband’s is.  Two weeks ago Gerry hurled himself across the tennis court.  He says he simply tripped and then landed on a shoulder.  We spent that night in the emergency room.  After x-rays were taken, the attending physician assured him there were no broken bones.  Fortunately, my husband went to an orthopedic surgeon.  Good thing! Yesterday he underwent a procedure to fix what happened– no broken bones, but one bone lodged into another.  Thank goodness now he is on the mend.  He’s taking a nap right now after I helped him shower, etc.  When he wakes up, we’ll enjoy a fresh fruit salad featuring apricots.  I feel grateful– the train wreck is temporary.  Oh, by the way– I have been so focused on caregiving that I forgot to do the weigh-in on Monday.  As some of you bloggers know, Reba and Mary Alice were coming by to watch me get on the scale.  They did that today, and I weigh 128.  My goal was 129, but I’m fine with one pound less.  Have a great weekend everybody.  I’ll be back Tuesday since “we” have a doctor’s appointment on Monday. 

Link to a larger photo of Goldcot


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