People appreciation

An official day on calendars, Father’s Day is celebrated by nearly everyone (in one way or another) because we all have fathers.  Some are deceased, and we honor them with happy thoughts.  Dana Point, California’s Dana Warf is holding a free fishing clinic today.  This is a dockside event for small anglers, and no reservations are needed. For a modest fee some dads are taking families out on a boat to fish.  What is it about fishing that creates strong bonds?  Maybe it’s the easy-going peacefulness of the sport.



6 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. My dad enjoyed fishing at Center Lake near Lake Okoboji in northern Iowa where we had a summer cottage. Center Lake was shallow but full of fish, and fishermen wore waders. He was always inviting us along, but my brother Charles was the most willing participant.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, I wish now I went fishing more often with my dad. He doesn’t go often these days, but the next time I’m back in Georgia, I’m going to organize a fishing trip. Our boys appreciate and delight in the outdoors. Max and Jake even have tackle boxes.

  3. Becky Greenwald

    Mary Alice, I’ve vacationed in Alabama. There are abundant lakes and open banks– the places best for fishing. You don’t need a boat. The fishing supply stores are fun. Kids love putting new stuff in their tackle boxes. I remember the enjoyment of fishing. It’s the best family activity you could have. I know you’ll have a wonderful time.

  4. There is a huge art to baits used for fishing. Dropper Flies or Tandem Rigs Dropper flies are a trout angler’s secret weapon. A simple dropper rig can be made by tying a small nymph onto 14-18 inches of tippet material tied to the bend of a dry fly. I learned all this from my dad!

  5. Choosing baits is a driving force for catching the fish you’re after. My dad thinks color is important, and he thinks in terms of seasonal color patterns. Early spring, late fall, and winter flies tend to be darker, matching the colors of their environment. Lighter flies typically appear in warmer weather.

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