People craft– taking care of yourself

Feel more relaxed!  Who ever thought summer would bring on calmer times?  We can calm our minds with the scent of a Tahitian bloom known as gardenia.  This scent helps us escape stress fast accoring to the  Sense of Smell Institute.  The aroma triggers the release of the calming hormone dopamine.  I enjoy the actual bloom but a sented candle such as Tahitian Tiare Flower Votive ($1.99 from Yankee Candle also works.

Gardenia care is harder than care for many other flowers. That’s because gardenias need warm temperatures and sometimes a bit of extra encouragement to flower. You can grow gardenias inside or outside so if you live in a cold climate, you can always try growing gardenias in a plant pot indoors.  A gardenia is actually considered to be a shrub, an evergreen, and it has very dark green, glossy leaves. The flowers can be very pale white or yellow. Gardenias planted outdoors can grow to be as much as six feet high. They like to have partial shade and if you test your soil, aim for a pH of between 4.5 and 5.5. It should not get colder at night than 60 degrees or your gardenia is going to be very unhappy. Daytime temperatures should be higher than 70 degrees.


7 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of yourself

  1. Kathleen, I love the gardenia scent also. My way of improving my mood which is bad when I’m stressed is humming them away. I’ve read the sound-frequency patterns created by humming an upbeat tune activates positive changes in the brain’s alpha waves.

  2. Thanks for your great suggestions! Another way to slash stress is with sunflower seeds. They’re packed with bitamin B5, a powerful nutrient that boosts the body’s need to produce hormones that halt the production of cortisol, that nasty stress hormone.

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