People craft– getting along with yourself

Beachy waves! This is the cool carefree hair we crave, and we don’t always get this look after a swim in the ocean, lake or pool.  According to hairstyle radar, this is the most wanted American hairstyle.  Hairstylists in Hollywood share secrets of a good cut, wash and spritz with “beach spray” and towel dry while raking your fingers and twisting.  For longer hair blow dry with nozzle facing downward and some use a one-inch vertically.  A bit of wax can be used to make ends look piecey.  Looking sophisticated and casual is never easy.  Below is a photo, courtesy of Getty Images,  of Kirsten Dunst with her short waves.  Isn’t the hair accessory cute?


7 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. The hair accessory is cute. There are many ways to get the beachy waves– what I do is apply a small amount of curling serum to your hair, working up to one inch from your roots. I don’t brush my hair, but since mine is long, I scrunch dry with a diffuser attachment. I wind pieces of hair (vertically as you said) around a curling iron to hide any excess frizz. I flip my head upside down to give an extra boost to roots.

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