Wordsmith– I also write books

In September I’ll teach a month-long romance writers online class on point of view.  If you’re taking this class, now is the time to think deeply about your heroine and hero.  Think of reasons for them to want to be together and reasons they think they need to stay apart.  Using my work-in-progress, the second book of my suspense series, Welcome to the Lake:

Both hero, Irish American Fin Donahue and heroine, Filipina Amihan, had strict Catholic upbringings.  They connect because the share the same reaction to guilt lessons.  She’s from the Philippines and has worked her patootie  off putting herself through design school when the rest of her family are nurses.  She’s short, and not his type which is tall and blonde.  He’s attracted to her because she has the cutest dimples and genuinely gets him.  She adores his dry sense of humor. She’s flexible while he’s rigid. Everything was handed to him.  See what I mean?

Learn more at my website for classes at http://www.writerspointofview.

Vivid by Beverly Jenkins


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