Eat– for Good Health

Here’s new info– a shocking Harvard study shows excess body fat produces inflammatory proteins that weaken bones.  Whittle your waist with walnuts!  Eat 2 oz. of walnuts each day– in place of other snacks– and you will burn belly fat 62% faster according to a University of Chicago study.  Walnuts’ plant compounds help the liver turn adipose tissue into fuel.  Walnuts teamed with spinach, a small red potato, and low-fat cheddar becomes a delicious entree salad.  Garnish with low calorie toast, and drizzle on light balsamic dressing.


6 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Hey, Mary Alice. Great to hear. My husband Gerry prefers eating meals at home after having gained fifteen pounds over the summer! It happened as a result of a dislocated shoulder. He couldn’t play tennis for awhile, and didn’t have a release from his pent-up stir-craziness. I know, I know– we could benefit from being Buddhist.

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