People craft– taking care of yourself

Are you feeling the pressure holidays? You don’t have to do it all– delegate! We’re expecting twenty guests at our Thanksgiving table. Actually, I’ll set up two– one in the dining room can be expanded for 12, and the other in the living room for eight. My daughters, sons and daughter-in-law are great at pitching in. My son Johnny doesn’t ask what to do, he just starts doing! My responsibilities are a clean house, decorated, and the dinner basics– turkey and stuffing. Everything else has been assigned! I have a few tricks to make stuffing from a mix taste like homemade–
add diced celery, onion, apple, pears. I use butter sparingly and butter spray the top. When stuffing is made in the slow cooker, it stays super-moist.
Success if part of who you are.
There is no need to tell yourself you can’t because you clearly can.
No need to stress that you won’t because you definitely will.
No need to worry that you don’t have what it takes because you absolutely do.
success isn’t something that happens to other people. It’s something in your destiny too!

 Take a trip to the grocery store
 for seasonal produce and
 inexpensive blooms.
 Create s sumptuous look by
 surrounding an assortment  of
fall bounty– corn & gourds.!

Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table


10 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of yourself

  1. My favorite centerpiece is a fruit bowl with grapes. I snip branches about three inches long and tuck them around the bottom of a pillar candle in a wide bowl. I tell my husband Rob and sons Max and Jake to eat them at will while waiting for dinner.

  2. Have you seen the ribbons that look like copper wire? I arrange leaves, pods, acorns, and berries around the edge of a platter and then wind the copper ribbon randomly around and tuck a pillar candle in the center for extra glow.

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