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This 5-Star review for DEEDS OF DECEIT comes from Brittany Walters-Beardon of Chateau D’If Press.

Deeds of Deceit is Kathleen Rowland’s first romantic suspense book in her Welcome to the Lake series. This page-turning novella takes place in Big Bear, California, offering readers both nail-biting suspense and tender romance that will keep them riveted as the relentless plot unfolds.

Bayliss Jones had been accused of murdering her parents when she was a teenager 15 years earlier. The winters on Jones Mountain take a toll on Bayliss, especially when the ghost of her mother appears to her. At some point, she realizes that her ex-boyfriend is involved; as she starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together, her situation becomes extremely dangerous.

The trustee of her estate, Sheriff Byron McGill never believed the local gossip about Bayliss being involved in the murders. There are many twists and turns as both Bayliss and Byron fight to survive danger lurking around every corner. As the story unfolds, there are intriguing side plots about a baby who was given up at birth, a cult that is possibly kidnapping children, and much more. The quest to find the truth places them both in perilous situations.

Something begins to develop between Byron and Bayliss that neither can deny, with their attraction growing stronger as they work together to solve the mystery surrounding Bayliss and the family murder. They travel to the home of Byron’s parents, Mary Rose and Dunigan McGill where they devise a plan to find out who murdered Suzanne and Woody Jones. The heart-racing plot culminates in a frantic pace, binding the love that Byron and Bayliss have for each other.

Kathleen Rowland skillfully interweaves mystery with a romantic love story in this contemporary gothic novel, creating a multi-faceted story that can be enjoyed by readers of many different genres. Readers are inevitably left anxious for the next release in the gripping Welcome to the Lake series.


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