Exercise– for Body and Spirit

Woman lifting weights on beachExercise of the aerobic variety is our biggest weapon against the blues. The endorphin’s boost after thirty minutes is even addictive.  What exercise does for our happiness level carries an explicit prediction– we feel joyous.  I swim laps for forty-minutes every day. Did you know it’s possible to change our nature genes with a nurturing environment?  Type 2 Diabetes is mostly due to a coach-potato lifestyle while eating lots of carbs.

As a romantic suspense author, my heroines take care of themselves.  The Filipina heroine Amihan, in my work-in-progress DEEDS OF MALICE, is an avid hiker.  Her dream is to get her fashion design business back on track, and from her day job as a bookkeeper, she’s mocking up her sports line.  Ami uncovers a file belonging to her late companion.  Bringing it to light puts her in danger of those looking for the same thing!



5 thoughts on “Exercise– for Body and Spirit

  1. Janessa Breckenridge

    Kathleen, I’m looking forward to reading it– over the holidays I read DEEDS OF DECEIT. In that book, your heroine had a pool attached to her Big Bear Log estate. Bayliss Jones had a friend Amihan, I remember. Is your new book Amihan’s story?

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey, Janessa. Thanks for reading Deeds of Deceit! Yes, this sequel is Amihan’s story. Her secret (which seeped out, much to her embarrassment) is that she was a mail order bride ten years before and then her “pretend husband” didn’t apply for a marriage license in the states. He’s murdered, but authorities believe he was a random victim of a drive-by shooting.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Reba, I write, read it, and rewrite. It’s fun but hard work to figure out what is natural for the characters I’ve created. The hero is Ami’s late companion’s business partner. She believes Finbar Donahue is as cunning as he was, but she applied and landed a bookkeeping job at their company.

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