Wordsmith– I also write books

What is your opinion of book trailers?  Do they make you want to read the book?


Deeds of Deceit book coverA half tank up the mountains from L.A., Big Bear winters are isolating for heiress Bayliss Jones.  Circled by the same cult that murdered her parents fifteen years before, death awaits her around every corner. Her shirttail relative and trustee of her estate, Sheriff Byron McGill, never agreed with local hearsay that made her a suspect. Air crackles between two people who clash, but the spoiled princess needs his help.  Besides hers, the life of a young man, her secret baby, hangs in the balance.  There’s no time for error.


10 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, I watched your for Deeds of Deceit but had already bought the book. Yours is short enough to be good. I don’t have time and patience for something long!

  2. Dr. Jill

    Book trailers are important. Movies have trailers. With your trailer, I understood more about the plot– cults. Oh my. Cults are alive and well. You handled the topic with background knowledge, Kathleen.

  3. Janessa Breckenridge

    That’s right, there are cults on every college campus. Yikes, creepy. To answer your question, I watch book trailers whenever possible. It may turn me off to the story, and that way I don’t waste reading time.

  4. Rudyard

    Another thing a book trailer means to a reader– the author thought out the plot. Also the author cared enough about the story to hire a graphics artist to do the trailer. The photos in your trailer are great– Big Bear, California! Beautiful place for a setting. Bayliss Jones’ mountaintop estate is so cool. Well done.

  5. Hi Kathleen:

    I liked your trailer very much. I think about doing one, but they’re time consuming to do it yourself and expensive to have someone else do it. Kudos to you for this one. Sounds like a worthwhile read.

    I’ve wondered if you were still writing fiction. Am pleased to see your are. I still write for Amber Quill Press, and the third book in my Night Train vampire series will be released in a couple of months…Night Train To Venice. I also trying to self publish Where Eagles Cry on Amazon. That takes time, too!

    I miss you at OCC, but don’t attend very often myself. I did make RWA-PAN with a NOVELLA! Being small press, it took awhile to earn enough to qualify, but was please that I did it with something smaller than a novel.

    Dee Ann Palmer

  6. Great writer I am! I should have previewed my comments, I guess. Made a couple of typos. Should be “I’m also trying…” and “I was pleased…”

    Have a great week!

    Dee Ann

  7. Kathleen Rowland

    Hello Dee Ann Palmer!! I miss you, too, and although I enjoy the benefits of membership at OCC, I don’t get there often! Yes, I am still writing fiction.
    After receiving rights back for my favorite book, I am rewriting it in anticipation of self pubbing it.

    I know you are thrilled with Amber Press which has grown into a bigger mid-sized and RWA approved publisher. Your Night Train vampire series sounds fantastic. Best with Where Eages Cry!

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