Places– of Charm

Lucky me!  I grew up in Sioux City, Iowa!

If you were to look at a relief map of Iowa, Sioux City is nestled in the Loess Hills at the shores of the Missouri River.  In winter we cross-country-skied those glistening white hills, but nothing is more beautiful than fall colors.
Colors of FallI live in Southern California now where the weather is steady and pleasant, but I know crocuses, daffodils, and tulips have sprouted in Sioux City. 
My storytelling family inspired me toward dark sagas, and I write contemporary gothic romantic suspense.  A year before writing Deeds of Deceit, a novella recently published by Eternal Press, I researched today’s cults.  Set in a beautiful mountain-lake region, something awful happens in this bucolic place as it did ten years earlier.  This murder mystery will be followed by a sequel, Deeds of Malice, in my Welcome to the Lakeseries.  Be warned, it’s strong stuff as are the love scenes.

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