People Craft– getting along

As a grandmother, I enjoy giving our kids things that involve action on my part.  Last weekend while in Houston I brought along a fairy door, two windows (fastened onto a tree trunk) and two fairies that sit on their own tree-like limbs.  It was such fun creating a fairy garden with a pebble path and moss.  With a birthday coming up, I ordered the garden furniture below.  Ordered from Plow and Hearth, these items target our granddaughters, but our nine-year-old grandson is a good sport and thinks up funny woodland stories.

 Grandson D’mitri recently read the book MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN, a Newbery awarded book by Jean Craighead George.  The boy hero, Sam Gribley was unhappy living in his family’s NYC apartment and ventured into the wilderness with bare necessities.  He made a home for himself by burning out a large tree!
  • Elf Door And Windows Tree Decorations



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