Exercise– for mind and body

Swimming laps is my daily exercise, and I’m partial to one-piece suits which are more stylish than ever.  I like swim suits that are designed for swimming.  Like many women, I learned this the hard way.  After diving in the water, an unsecured top peels down.  Pretty embarrassing when coming up for air.


5 thoughts on “Exercise– for mind and body

  1. Janessa, Gerry and I are going, but dear heart probably won’t stay long. He is still busy “mopping up” after tax season and doing extensions. Reiko’s husband is in remission for leukemia. He has enduring such a battle, and Reiko has been with him every step of the way. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m bringing my tried-and-true Savory Breakfast Strata. I make a light version of course.

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