People craft– taking care of yourself

Under certain circumstances we humans have impaired judgement.  Against the advice of others, intelligent people can do stupid things.  Raised in a mainstream Catholic environment, my heart goes out to Katie Holmes as she recovers from the effects of the “religion” of Scientology. Katie wants out with her daughter.  Cults fascinate because many normal people are willing to join.  Many can’t get out.  Professor of Psychology at Stanford Dr Philip Zimbardo wrote that cults use many disguises with many subtle tactics.  Professor of Sociology at CSU Chico Janja Lalich knows cults are still with us.  They didn’t fade away with flower children of the sixties.  There are over 5,000 cults in operation in the United States.  Quoted from Lalich, “When you first leave a cult situation, you may not recognize yourself.  You may feel confused and lost.  You may feel both sad and exhilarated.”  I congratulate Katie Holmes for knowing to get out.

After a year of reading scholarly books on the topic, I wrote Deeds of Deceit, a novella with a cult at the center of this romantic suspense. 

Deeds of Deceit


One thought on “People craft– taking care of yourself

  1. Katie Holmes and even six-year-old Suri will need to go through healing stages. Perhaps she has already sought help to understand the effects of cult mind control and is working her way along positive steps. She will get to a balanced recovery, I’m certain.

    I respect the dignity and courage of former cult members.

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