People Appreciation

More than they will ever know, I appreciate our two Jans!  One Jan is our daughter-in-law, married to RN Johnny and mom to our grandchildren, D’mitri and Roxanne.  She’s a special person who pitches in without being asked.  A couple of days ago,  as I was elevating my (post-bunionectomy) foot, she scurried about the kitchen and brought stems of gladiolus which have opened.  They’re a glorious reminder.  Our other Jan is our daughter, Janice.  Home from college for the summer, she shops, cooks, cleans, and walks the dogs.  What kind of vacation is that?  At least she has lots of friends around to hang out with.  Both of our Jans have such big hearts, they don’t even mind.  Lucky me.

Buy flowers, Iris / Gladioli Flowers, 20 Stem Purple Gladiolus

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