Wordsmith– I also write books

Today I’m featuring M. Catherine Berg, author of the Gracie Wentworth cozy mysteries.

Watch out, Southern California, here comes Gracie Wentworth, a private investigator with attitude. In Gracie’s opinion, smog, drivers full of themselves, and amorous academics are part of the landscape.  Gracie is smart and quirky, but because she isn’t caught up in her family’s fame and fortune. She’s down-to-earth.  Who couldn’t love Gracie? She’s smart with a snappy sense of humor. Her life hasn’t been perfect, but she doing the best she can to make it work for her. An ex-police officer, daughter of a best-selling author and divorced, the lady decides to be a private investigator.In this collection of three short stories, character Gracie Wentworth tells it like it is, and it isn’t always nice. For instance in TANGLED WEBS, Gracie’s college professor client thinks his girlfriend has his wife’s diamond ring. But then Gracie knows an academic isn’t necessary smart. In LONG LIVE MORTALITY a dying man leaves something pretty strange to his son. In LIFE IN FICTION a man can’t start living again until Gracie solves a murder.
I look forward to reading more from M Catherine Berg.

Get a taste of adorable Gracie Wentworth Short Story Mysteries for $.99 at Amazon books.

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