Eat– for Good Health

Sometimes dieters get into a breakfast and lunch routine that keeps them satisfied, and then they have foods of more variety for dinner.  I received an email yesterday from Rebecca Friedman who’d lost fifty pounds on the Gold Standard of Thin plan.  For lunch every day Rebecca enjoyed tuna salad made with fat free mayo, celery, grated carrot, scallion on field greens.  Her mainstay breakfast was oatmeal microwaved with blueberries, 1/2 cup blueberries, and a whole grapefruit on the size.  She brought an apple to work as an afternoon snack.  In Gold Standard of Thin there are over a hundred healthy recipes for all meals.  Gold Standard of Thin encourages getting out of ourselves, and she began a hobby in photography.  She took up yoga and walks thirty minutes a day.

Tuna Salad


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