Wordsmith– I also write books

Coming soon, Book Two of my WELCOME TO THE LAKE thriller series, WHERE MALICE HIDES follows Alexa Bonetti, who becomes a friend of heroine Bayliss from DEEDS OF DECEIT.  Their California mountain-lake community is a beautiful place to visit.  Or live.  Or die.

WHERE MALICE HIDES: Hero Fin Donahue is forced to hire Alexa as his bookkeeper, certain she’s privy to knowledge of a scam.  His late partner was her boyfriend up until he was shot in a drive-by.  Fin is far too cynical to trust a woman, particularly one with a dubious reputation.  Attracted to his complexity and magnetic power, she’s soon in terrible danger and finds herself at his mercy.

Halfway done, I’m thinking about the book cover.  I’ve picked cover models, an African American woman and white man, since this is an interracial romantic suspense.  Backgrounds can be added by a cover artist, and I want dark water that depicts an evil undercurrent.



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