Wordsmith– I also write books

As an author of romantic suspense, I have studied killers and what motivates them.  In Eternal Press’ thriller DEEDS OF DECEIT  evil manipulator Hilary heads up the violent branch of a cult.  The front organization, Get Megawatts, appears to be a “green” wind turbine organization.  The cult must keep members in line as they sell overpriced miniature windmills on the street.  Another task is strong-arming donations.  Hilary wants the heroine Bayliss Jones to donate her estate.  Isolated Bayliss lives alone on Jones Mountain, and recently broke it off with Todd, a set designer.  Hilary takes up with the set designer who builds a realistic ghost contraption to scare Bayliss into submission.  (What fun I had building this last Halloween!)  As the story moves forward, Hilary exhibits her killer profile:  She tortures cult members and enjoys this more than execution.  She kills for power and money.  Unless on an evil mission, she’s isolate, has a habit of lying, and usually sleeps alone to hide her bed-wetting habit.   Here’s a peek at the story with my book trailer for Deeds of Deceit.

My work-in-progress is Where Malice Hides, Book Two of my Welcome to the Lake Series, and my antagonist is going to be a huge surprise!

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