Exercise– for Body and Spirit

Friends, I have lots to say on this topic.  Runners, swimmers, and all those engaging in aerobic activity enjoy that elusive endorphin high.  You can get it when gardening hard or sailing small boats.  On Friday my husband, our daughter Janice and I sailed on Newport Harbor.  Every time we tacked which is often when dodging other boats in the harbor, we climb to the port or starboard.  We pull in the sails and let them out.   Exercise is a fact of life.  We need to move around to stay fit.  Getting outside to exercise is satisfying emotionally, and maybe being out in nature stops us from being superficial.

Something I appreciate about living in California is the accessibility to rental equipment.  After taking classes and passing written and practical exams, we’re able to rent sailboats at Orange County College of Sailing and Navigation for seventy-five dollars for four hours!  Believe me, that’s long enough.

The basic sailing exercise for legs is the classic squat.  Steady weight bearing exercise is the best way to build bone density.Our grandchildren are here now, and I’m bringing them to the lagoon for swimming.  Roxanne and Dmitri like the water slide.  I will be there at all times to catch them.

If you are on the GOLD STANDARD OF THIN plan, you know about Chapters 5, 6, and 7:  Exercise for a Body with Sparkling Spirit, Nuggets for your Inner Self, and Making Your World Golden.



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