People Craft– taking care of ourselves

Our daughter Marla keeps up with the hottest make-up trends.  All through college (SFSU) and graduate school (Boston U) the latest cosmetics has been a hobby for her.  This season, Marla says, is all about red lips.  Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal agrees: If you invest in nothing else for fall, treat yourself to a red lipstick.  It will make your skin radiant and your smile sparkle.  Apply gloss first.  This creates a sheer red that is less dramatic than opaque red.

Use your skin tone as a guide.  Fair skin?  Go for a pinky red.  Medium or olive? Try brick red.  Ebony? Try crimson, red wine.

Wearing red lipstick, Marla Kathryn Rowland is living with her boyfriend Alex in Austin, Texas!  This photo was taken by son Ted in our backyard–

Marla and Alex
Marla and Alex

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