People Craft– taking care of ourselves

It’s never fun when you zipper won’t zip.  Johna who’s on the GOLD STANDARD OF THIN plan liked my advice about making sure you are getting all your vitamins.  Turned out Johna wasn’t getting enough Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.  She works indoors and when outside, Johna wears a lot of sunscreen.  When she took her kids for school check-ups and vaccination updates, she decided to go as well.  After being tested for levels, the physicians assistant told her her lack of Vitamin D was causing fatigue, depression and slowing weight loss.   Johna is taking a Vitamin D supplement with calcium supplements and a women’s vitamin pill with iron.

Researcher M.D. for Vitamin D at Kaiser Permanente Health Care, Erin LeBlanc, writes: “Up to 80% of women have low levels of D.”  2,000 IU of D a day is recommended for dieters.  The combination of calcium and Vitamin D (to make absorption work) helps prevent bone loss as we age.

D-rich foods include fortified milk, cereal, orange juice, mushrooms and more.  Here’s some big information from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition– dieters with healthiest levels of vitamin D lost nearly twice as much weight as dieters with the lowest levels.

For dinner tonight I’m making Confetti turkey burgers (page 103, GOLD STANDARD OF THIN) served on a whole wheat (skinny kind) bun, saute’d mushrooms, lite blue cheese, lite Thousand Island Dressing and a fresh fruit cup.  It tastes terrific and won’t come between you and your favorite jeans.


Smiling Cartoon Sun Clip Art

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