People appreciation

At my age, I’m learning many things from our kids.  There’s new information for a new generation.  On the topic of integration and school busing, our daughter Janice (pre-teacher at Chico State)  told me something that surprised me today.    Black families no longer want their children bused to schools across town even if they have superior resources.  Parents can not easily get to those far away schools and can provide a more secure foundation if their children are close-by.  Also their kids are often tracked into lower achieving classes and don’t benefit.  After fifteen years of busing, there is a higher rate of high school dropouts when kids are bused.  They simply don’t feel culturally comfortable.

Here are the girls in our family– from left, Marla, me, and Janice.

Our daughters, Marla and Janice, with me in the background.
Daughters Marla and Janice with me in the background.

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