People Craft– taking take of ourselves

A new etiquette topic is the guide to cleavage.  That’s right, spectacular boobs, and how much you reveal about this feminine asset.  Breasts feed our babies and are a major pleasure zone.  If we’re small breasted, we’ve got tech support.  A dream bra fits and also flatters, guarding against wardrobe malfunctions and keeping “us” from sagging.  Experts advise ditching low-cut tops and push-ups.  Protect yourself from overexposure when you bend over.  We shouldn’t assume our boobs don’t bother someone and shouldn’t take fashion cues from celebs.  Over-the-top lets it all hang out and is never appropriate for daytime wear, and that includes the courtroom as Lindsay Lohan learned.  Many women who surf know the horror of their tops falling off.

How much cleavage is appropriate?
Your guide to cleavage, how low can you go?

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