Wordsmith– I also write books

Today I am running a contest which will last for a week.  Next Thursday I will announce the winner for a purse jewelry gadget called a key finder.  It will not cost you anything to enter.  The answer to the question is in my romantic suspense novel, FALLEN EVERMORE, and you can “buy” it for free on Smashwords using the coupon YX82N.  Who is Sophia’s client accused of medicating her son into a coma?  The answer is at the beginning of Chapter Three in FALLEN EVERMORE.  Please email the answer to me at this addy:  kathyrowl@aol.com and in the subject line, write “Key Finder.”  Be sure to give me your physical address.  I will draw names entered out of a box and announce the winner on Thursday, September 27th.  I will mail the cute gadget below to the lucky winner!

Key Finder Purse Jewelry
You’ll never have to dig in the bottom of your purse again for your keys!

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