People Appreciation

This baby otter found a home!  When residents of a small Alaska town discovered a baby sea otter washed up on shore, clinging to his deceased mom, they were heartbroken.  Part of a raft of otters cut off from the ocean by a frozen bay, he was the only survivor!  Without his mother’s food, warmth and protection, he would soon die.  Townsfolk were able to keep the scared crature alive with bottles of Pedialyte until experts from Alaskan SeaLife Center could take him to their center.  He became healthy but could not be returned to sea.  The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium took him in.  At present he has graduated from formula to solid food– squid and small fish.  He’s still a toddler and sleeps a lot on a pile of soft towels by the pool or lying on his back and floating!  His favorite toy is a dog toy shaped like a rattle, and he’s hardly ever without it.

 Photo courtesy of Paul Selvaggio.

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