Eat– for Good Health

Scientists now know there’s an entire underworld “pharmacy” beneath the ocean’s surface.  Discover the latest breakthrough oceanic cures for arthritis, PMS, wrinkles, and even cancer.  Nori, the seaweed “paper” wrapped around sushi rolls, has a high concentration of omega-3s, healthy fats that optimize nerve communication to improve mental speed and clarity.  It’s also rich in vitamin B12 which is crucial for cognitive function, concentration and memory.  I like to cut it into strips and put it on top of salads and rice dishes.  If you’ve ever had sushi, chances are you’ve had a taste of Nori without even knowing it!

Nori seaweed typically comes from the beautiful shores of Japan, where high quality nutrition is deeply ingrained into their culture. Here are a few other treasures from the sea:

Sea kelp tablets found in health food stores are rich in iodine, a mineral needed for thyroid function.  A bonus from research, sea kept helps block formation of cancerous tumors and causes existing tumors to shrink.  Interesting that the Japanese who consume sea kelp have a low rate of cancer.  Spirulina draws out toxins.  This blue-green algae’s chlorophyll binds to toxins and sweeps them from your body.  It’s powerful and used by people who have been exposed to radiation.  Spirulina tablets are found in health food stores.  Sea salt is full of minerals (magnesium and calcium) that reduce most PMS symptoms, reports the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  The Journal of Women’s Health notes, reduced fluid retention, breast tenderness and bloating more than 40%.  I’ve replaced my salt shaker with unrefined sea salt.  For those of us over 55, our doctors sometimes suggest we take glucosamine supplements to ease joint pain.  Crushed seashells are the main ingredient in Glucosamine.

Laguna coastline, CA
Many health miracles come from the sea.


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