People Craft– taking care of yourself

The light-up-your-looks secret that erases years! How do makeup artists turn back time? “With light-reflective makeup that instantly hides imperfections,” reveals celebrity makeup artist Berta Cama.  Copy her tricks to look younger instantly.  Take ten years off your face with luminizing lotion.  Sweep a shimmer cream such as Le Cosmetique Liquid Shimmer, $12.95, over precise points on your face to make skin radiant.  Dab it between your tear duct and nose to counteract dark shadows your nose can cast around your eyes.  Add it to your brow bone, under your brows to give your eyes a glow that offsets sagging.  Pat it at the tops of cheek bones.  Another way to take off ten years is with gloss.  Top lipstick with a high-shine gloss, recommends Camal.  Don’t forget your hair.  Shiny hair is youthful.  Mist a lightweight shine spray from mid-shaft to the ends.  Take years off your hands with a shimmer polish.  Some polish now contains glitter, and that’s pretty particular for pedicures.

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One thought on “People Craft– taking care of yourself

  1. Makeup does so much for us, and I don’t go far from my front yard without it. Applying it lightly is youthful, I think. Beauty products are expensive, and when tubes are nearly empty, I use a cotton swab to get remaining product. I’m often surprised at how much is at the bottom or inside tubes.

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