Places– of Charm

Worried your house may be haunted?  Spooked by mysterious sounds, cold spots or other odd, paranormal-like activity?  Relax, there are real, scientific explanations for:

MYSTERIOUS RAPPING– If it sounds as if someone (a ghost!) is knocking on a wall or door, the heating ductwork makes pounding noises as the sheet metal expands when warm air blows through it or contracts when heat is turned off.  Or, plumbing pipes can make pinging or hammer sounds when pressure inside changes.

A SUDDEN COLD SPOT THAT GIVES YOU THE SHIVERS– Get goosebumps every time you pass a specific area in your home?  While a drop in temperature is said to be a sign of an apparition, the more probably cause is a draft due to an air leak or insufficient insulation.  To check, light a stick of incense.  If the smoke blows sideways when you hold it up to nearby windows, doors or air ducts, it means air is seeping in or out, causing a temperature change.

DOORS OR DRAWERS OPENING ON THEIR OWN– Surprised to find a cabinet door or drawer wide open after you are sure you’d closed it?  Blame winter’s low humidity.  As the air gets drier, it shrinks wood, making doors and drawers looser so they’re less likely to stay put when you shut them.

Friends, this was not the case in DEEDS OF DECEIT when Bayliss Jones’ ex-fiance, a set designer, created a ghost to gain control over her.  Living alone at her mountaintop estate, the sheriff knew this day would come.


3 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

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