Wordsmith– I also write books

My current goal is to begin writing a new (60 thousand word) book today and finish it by mid-March.  To accomplish this I need to write 450 words per day.  To save time I’ve outlined the book and determined the main characters.  Because it’s a sweet romantic suspense and I write sensuous (adults only!) romantic suspense under my real name of Kathleen Rowland, I will write my young adult book under my chosen pen name, Rudyard Rowland.

Here’s the thing, I couldn’t choose a busier time to start writing a new series.  I’m using “Easy Millionaire Secrets” that make some people rich but in my case– accomplish the task of writing the best story I can within a set amount of time.  These are five minute tips for could-be-millionaires:  1) Gaze at a glass piggy bank.  Successful people like to watch their savings grow.  As I add loose change to my piggy bank, I’ll pretend they are words of action and concise meaning.  2) Take a millionaire minute.  Compare best value.  As a writer, think about what I’ve written and decide how I can “up the stakes.” 3) Create a wealth manifestation board.  Start at the center that states your main goal.  Create pathways.  Mine are neural pathways of pictures and graphs about my story.  4) Whip out a 3″ x 5″ card.  Jot down what it takes to achieve your goal.  I’ve done that.  I need to write 450 words per day.  This will make my dream come true of finishing my 60,000-word book. 5) Toast to your accomplishments every week.  Not a drinker?  Neither am I, but I will acknowledge my small successes along the way at a Saturday night sit down dinner– with flowers (at least one!) and candle light.  6) Get in daily exercise, either a power walk or in my case swimming laps.  Hard aerobic exercise turns us into power players!  Getting our hearts pumping improves our brain-power.

Kathleen's Secrets to Writing a Book
Kathleen Rowland uses “Millionaire Secrets” to write a book.

3 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. My plan is giving me confidence! I have just returned from lap swimming which I do before the sun comes up– yessiree, the underwater pool lights are so pretty. This morning was foggy, and I love when the sun comes up in a golden glow. I have one more thing to do before I begin my 450 word task, and that’s taking our dogs, Harvey and May-belle, on their morning walk.

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