Peoplecraft– Taking care of yourself

Let me tell you about four magic words that’ll get you whatever you want– a better deal?  Better service? A hassel-free price cut, free return or help with chores?  You will more than double your odds if you include these magic words in your request:

1.  My name is ______________. Want that table by the window?  If you introduce yourself with a handshake and smile, you’re formed a subliminal bond.

2.  Appreciate.  In one study some workers were told, “I’d really appreciate it if you could return this immediately.”  This group had their request completed 80% faster.

3.  Because.  A Harvard University study found this word increases the likelihood that someone will grant you a favor by a whopping 93%

4.  Thank you in advance.  That’s right.  You’re thanking someone, and they haven’t even done it yet.  It works because people want to live up to other’s expectations.


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