People craft– taking care of ourselves

Keep your brain sharp for life!  We know that keeping our bood pressure in check can prevent heart disease.  Well, new research shows that avoiding high blood pressure also slows the aging of brain cells.  And steadying your blood pressure is easier than you might think.  Eat citrus– adequate vitamin C cuts blood pressure as much as 12 points within 10 days, reveals a recent study suported in the journal Nutrition Research.  Create calm with Earl Gray tea.  This tea is made with bergamot, and its scent does the trick, say Stanford University scientists.  Tame fluid retention with chicken thighs.  Dark meat poultry contains 10 times more amino acid taurine and twice as much zinc as white meat.  These compounds help flush excess fluids according to Michael Lam, M.D.  Tickle your toes by walking barefoot.  This stimulates acupressure points that dampen production of pressure-raising stress hormones.

Picture of Human Brain




5 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of ourselves

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Hi Kathleen, I read an article about walking barefoot from an Oregon Research study. They did their study using a cobblestone mat. Millions of folks in Asia use them to stimulate acupressure points. Cool!

  2. Janessa Breckenridge

    Hello Kathleen, Mary Alice and Reba,
    There were some mixed reviews for the cobblestone mat on Amazon. For the most part, it seemed to be helpful.
    Here’s a review from someone who liked using one: “I’ve used this mat every day for more than a year. The results were truly unique and different from any other reflexology or exercise product I’ve used. I felt a “reflexology effect” with an overall body “feel good” sensation. Muscles of my legs and butt shaped up. My circulation improved with better overall body warmth. One caveat: the cobbles are challenging and may produce too much pressure for some. You can wear heavy socks or place a towel over the mat to lessen the challenge. The mat is not skid proof. Be sure to place the mat on a carpeted surface, rug or yoga mat. By the way, this mat has been tested by ORI using an NIH grant. The mat helped seniors lower blood pressure, reduced concern for falls and other benefits. Cobblestone walking in parks is a part of the Chinese government’s fitness program. This mat is what the Chinese walk on at home when it’s raining outside. Barbara Kunz”

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey gals! Reba, I noticed you didn’t say you used yours. This makes me think you’d rather walk barefoot on your carpet, ha ha.

  4. Reba Studebaker

    True, it isn’t comfy, but I do think it’s good for health benefits. There’s so much we can learn from the Asian culture. I am going to start using it again.

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