People craft– taking care of yourself

Do you love short skirts?  Isn’t Lucy Liu adorable in them on the TV series ELEMENTARY?  I like the look of a tennis-length skirt with leggings.  Here are my thoughts for dressing if 40, 50, or older–

  • Dress for your body type, both vertical and horizontal and choose clothes that flatter you and highlight your strengths.
  • Most of the time, wear skirts at the right length, not too short, not too long. Just below or on top of the knee is a great length for over 40 women. If you have great legs, tennis skirts are fine with leggings.
  • Get hip shoes; This includes ballet flats. Cute shoes can make even a boring outfit look great.
  • Wear darker, more fitted jeans.
  • Get hip spectacles that suit your face.
  • Don’t overdo the bling.
  • Show off your best parts, like your legs, bust or arms, but, dress modestly and don’t show too much cleavage.
  • Add color to your every-day wardrobe.
  • Wear the best possible bra and use shape wear to give your body the right structure. If you find shape wear too uncomfortable, use slips or pants with pipes to hide panty lines and reduce unflattering bulges.
  • Have fun dressing and show it in your clothes!



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