Eat– for Good Health

 Yogurt is easier to digest than milk. Many people who cannot tolerate milk, either because of a protein allergy or lactose intolerance, can enjoy yogurt. The culturing process makes yogurt more digestible than milk. The live active cultures create lactase, the enzyme lactose-intolerant people lack, and another enzyme contained in some yogurts (beta-galactosidase) also helps improve lactose absorption in lactase-deficient persons. Bacterial enzymes created by the culturing process, partially digest the milk protein casein, making it easier to absorb and less allergenic. 

Yogurt Parfait Recipe

2. Yogurt contributes to colon health. There’s a medical truism that states: “You’re only as healthy as your colon.” When eating yogurt, you care for your colon in two ways. First, yogurt contains lactobacteria, intestines-friendly bacterial cultures that foster a healthy colon, and even lower the risk of colon cancer. Lactobacteria, especially acidophilus, promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon and reduces the conversion of bile into carcinogenic bile acids. The more of these intestines-friendly bacteria that are present in your colon, the lower the chance of colon diseases.

Yogurt is a rich source of calcium – a mineral that contributes to colon health and decreases the risk of colon cancer. Calcium discourages excess growth of the cells lining the colon, which can place a person at high risk for colon cancer. Calcium also binds cancer-producing bile acids and keeps them from irritating the colon wall. People that have diets high in calcium (e.g. Scandinavian countries) have lower rates of colorectal cancer.  


7 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    How did you know, Kathleen. I make my own yogurt parfaits– fat free yogurt, about 1/4 cup whole grain cereal, and whatever fruit we have on hand.

  2. Reba Studebaker

    Gals, when I eat something healthy like this, the rest of my day goes better. It has to do with self respect. A favorite photographer eats this for breakfast: a donut with about a half jar of peanut butter. Ugh. Peanuts are okay, but peanut butter is nothing more than a salty fat.

  3. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Reba, I agree with you about peanut butter. Nuts are generally healthy. Most sorts come packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and lots of goodies for your body to enjoy. Peanuts contain omega-6 (not omega-3 fatty acids and are not be as good as other kinds of nuts.
    Omega-6 increases the risk for many common diseases, like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Thank you for all your comments. Yes, about peanuts– eat them in moderation as nature intended– unsalted and raw.

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