People craft– taking care of yourself

Today I’m blogging about side-effects using examples of both good and bad.  A pet companion is strong positive medicine.  We’re rewarded with unconditional love and unfailing devotion according to dozens of studies.  1) A healthier heart– loving animals lower artery-damaging stress hormones (such as cortisol) by 8%.  2) A slimmer waistline– walking a leashed dog burns 75 more calories per hour.  3) Spending time with animals calms the central nervous system, reducing the risk of chronic stress and anxiety as much as half.  One of the most popular mixed breeds is the Chorkie, the Yorkie crossed with a Chihuahua.  We have one!  

Information on a Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkie) Mixed Breed Puppy thumbnail

Now I want to mention the toxic side effect of a hostile person.  Naturally we’d choose not to be around them if we could.  We can’t control competitive people in a work place or family-social gathering.  Do you know someone who is intentionally rude or simply ignoring?  It makes us feel excluded. Our human nature is to be welcomed into the tribe.  Being on the outside feels cold.  That’s where wild animals roam and unfriendly tribes attack.  My advice (which I use on myself) is not to pay more attention to the person who stung us with an insult than ourselves.  Don’t think the rude person is superior.  We don’t need them to be nice to us.  We are the center of our own existence, not them. Fear causes withdrawal.  Resentment causes hostility.  Do you want to know the secret of winning them over?  Don’t wait for their approval.  Feel excited about something you’re doing.  Think about it.  If asked, “So what’s going on?” have something fun to say.  You’ll be at a huge advantage. What have you been doing?



11 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of yourself

  1. Let me tell you a secret. We’re about to visit my oldest son, two adorable grandchildren, and our hostile daughter-in-law. I figured out recently that the nicer I am, the more insulting she is. Insults are subtle. This time I’m prepared. Fortunately we will only be there for a day and a half. Wish me luck.

  2. Oh yes indeed. But then most people don’t enjoy her company– she’s insulting to everyone. What is it about the nouveau riche? Your son has made lots of money, but this wasn’t her background. She’s all about conspicuous consumption.

  3. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    The thing is, she’s a classic competitor. One of my older sisters (shhhh!) is so competitive that she doesn’t want her husband to like any of his family. It’s all about our family. Wierdness.

  4. Reba Studebaker

    In the modeling industry the competitors will ask me if I noticed a big pimple cropping up. It’s such a classic, I just laugh it off.

  5. Kathleen Rowland

    Good to hear I’m not alone. Hers an example of a problem I’m nipping in the bud. For birthdays and holidays I get a big box of gifts together and mail it. She’ll either put it away and “forget to open it” or it will be returned. UPS leaves a note to be signed. If it’s never signed, the box comes back. This is what happened two days ago. My huge Easter box full of small gifts and treats was returned. I was heartbroken because I enjoyed doing something special for my granddaughters and was sabotaged. I donated the entire box to the Salvation Army.

  6. Kathleen Rowland

    Yup. My son is a tough guy in all other ways. I recognize the difficulty and would never want to get in between. I would never force an issue. We all know families who created ultimatum situations and suffer for it.

  7. Kathleen Rowland

    Oh, sorry Reba. I’m not going to mail boxes anymore. I’ll send pretty cards with cash to the girls. Chances are good this will solve the problem.

  8. Janessa Breckenridge

    Dogs make terrific companions. Whenever I’m upset, I take my dog on an extra extra long walk. Dogsniff is a terrific listener.

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