People Appreciation

Tina Gayle is an author I admire.  We often chat it up at Storytellers’ Soiree which meets once a quarter at various places in Orange County, California.  Product Details This month Storytellers Soiree lists this book as the top read.  I copied the image of her latest book of THE EXECUTIVES WIVES series, CFO’s Affair.  I read it as soon as it was out, and actually, I’ve reviewed the first two books of her terrific series. As a reader, each new widow engrossed me to see how she solves new challenges and recovers from the pain of losing a spouse.

In Tina Gayle’s latest, CFO’s AFFAIR, Sylvia Donovan has complications. Her daughter has left for college while new-widow-new-empty nester Sylvia begins a new job, meets a new man and discovers the identity of her dead husband’s lover. Needless to say, her confidence hits rock-bottom. Regardless, CFO’s AFFAIR is a heart-warming read, and I enjoyed Sylvia’s relationship with Vince and also her widowed friends while sympathizing with her struggle to regain a balance.

Tina Gayle delivers another great read, and I’m already looking forward to the next book of The Executive Wives series.


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